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Protocol Converter Series
ZYTR- E1_V.35/ZYTR-FE1_V.35
ZYTR-10BaseT/(F) E1


  ZYEQ-MPC Multiple protocol converter pool adopts the flexible modularization mechanical structure in its rack and all the converters are modulary size, thus, it is convenient to config, allocate, operate and remove these converters in the rack. The build-in double fault-tolerant power supply ensures the reliability of the system. The standard rack is ready to accommodate the environment. Converter modules, such as 10BaseT/FE1, 10BaseT/E1, V.35/FE1, V.35/E1, V.35/OP and 10/100M.BaseT/OP could be mixed allocated in a same rack.  






17 module slots, 1 for monitor module and the others for converter modules allocated freely.


Comply with 4U standard rack.

Dual -48Vdc or 220Vac power supply and hot standby.

Monitor Module.


PC link providing status information.


Converter Modules.


10/100Mbps-OP Module.

IEEE802.3U,10Base-TX-FL/100Base-TX-FX, RJ45.

   OP port:


V.35-E1 Module:


    1 G.703 E1 port: 120Ohm, RJ45/ 75Ohm, BNC


    1 2.048Mbps rate V.35 port: RJ45/ DB25


V.35-FE1 Module:


    1 G.703 E1 port: 120Ohm, RJ45/ 75Ohm, BNC


    1 N x 64Kbps (N=1..32) rate V.35 port: RJ45/ DB25


10BaseT-E1 Module:


    IEEE802.3U,10Base-TX-FL, RJ-45


    1 G.703 E1 port: 120Ohm, RJ45/ 75Ohm, BNC


10BaseT-FE1 Module:


    IEEE802.3U,10Base-TX-FL, RJ-45


    1 N x 64Kbps (N=1бн32) rate, G.703 E1 port: 120Ohm, RJ45/ 75Ohm,

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