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  ZYEQ-155 SDH -MSTP is a compact model of SDH optical ADM device which is of modularization structure within a standard 19'' 1U rack and the quantity of its various modules in a configuration of a certain case increase or decrease proportionally depends on needs of users. It is available for users to be config, monitor, maintain and down load software for ZYEQ-155 SDH –MSTP remotely.  





OIU module : 2 155M standard SDH STM-1 Optical Interface, Optical Interface Unit ;


Optional 1 155M standard SDH STM-1 electrical interface to connect to SDH microwave equipment;


Tributary module and expansion board of E1 mapped unit( EMU) support 4E1, 8E1, 16E1, 21E1, 32E1 and 63E1 ports depend on demands;


MCU module: Network management unit and Clock unit;


2 10M/100M auto-negotiate Ethernet interfaces in tributary side share channels of multiplex and can occupy configurable bandwidth from 2M to 100M.


4 RS-232 transparent asynchronous communication channels for the 3 rd party's communication.


Ability of Managing numbers of sub-networks;


Network management interface: Ethernet interface, local terminal and test RS-232 interface.


Reliable sub-network connection protection(SNCP),and the protective switch over on SF(Signal Fail) or SD(Signal Degradation) as option;


Optional dual optical interface (1+1) protection ;


 Alarm indicating signal( AU AIS) ? B1 and B2 error embedded for maintenance in management unit;


Both local and remote loop-back test in the optical ports as well as E1 ports;


Configuration of the DTMF, ringing and phone number in service phone.





STM-1 Optical port

  Bit rate: 155.520Mb/s work wavelength:1310nm, 1550nm

  emitted light power: 0~-5dBm ĘC8~-15dBm

  receive sensitivity: ĘC36dBm

clock interface

  abide by the G.703 suggestion:
  input/output reference clock) 2048kHz 4.6ppm

  2048kBits/s 4.6ppm

E1 Electric interface

      Bit rate: 139.26Mb/s
      Code pattern: CMI
      Impedance: 75O(unbalance)

      Bit rate: 34.368Mb/s
      Code pattern: HDB3
      Impedance: 75O(unbalance)

      Bit rate: 2.048Mb/s
      Code pattern: HDB3
      Impedance: 75O(unbalance)

Clock holding sensitivity

0.37ppm(24 hours)

Power supply

-48Vdc ±20%





simple frame

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