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Standard Call control protocol: ITU-T H.323 V.4;


Complete varieties in product line: from 2 telephone interface to 128, from1 E1 trunk interface to 4, satisfy various demands;


Conventional PBX functions;

Variety function server such as: telephone conference server, Transit server, call recorder server, call center server, etc. They support a powerful private telephone network;.

Built-in VPN, associating with VPN servers, break through blockage in Internet;


Voice compression: G.711, G.729, G.723;


Mute restrain: G .723A , G.729B;


Echo eliminate: G.168, 16ms;

Adopt proxy server, resolve the problem of lacking addresses in public network;

Gatekeeper powerful functions: address translation, Area management, Call process, Bandwidth control, Access control, etc.

    InterPBX3000 Personal type Gateway



Only one telephone port;


Simple and practicable function;


Easy for carryover in trips;


Based on H.323


Modules: -3001/-3011/-3002/-3012.




Ethernet interface:


    3001: 1 100M BaseT, RJ-45


    3011: 1 100M BaseT, RJ-45


    3002: 2 100M BaseT, RJ-45


    3012: 2 100M BaseT, RJ-45


Telephone port:


    3001: 1 FXS, RJ-11;


    3011: 1 FXS, RJ-11; 1 Emergent FXO ,RJ11;


    3002: 1 FXS, RJ-11;


    3012: 1 FXS, RJ-11; 1 Emergent FXO ,RJ11;

    InterPBX3200 Standard type Gateway



Based on international standard H.323, standard type Gateway device;


Modules: -3204B, -3204C , -3208A , -3208B.




Ethernet interface: 1 10/ 100 M BaseT auto-negotiation, RJ-45;


Telephone port:


    3204B : 4 FXS, RJ11;


    3204C :4 FXO , RJ11;


    3208A : 4 FXS + 4 FXO , RJ11;


    3208B : 8FXS , RJ11.

    InterPBX 3400 Reinforced type Gateway



Based on 3200 type and addition of router's function;


Support QoS;


Modules: 3404A , 3404B, 3408B.3408D, 3432, 34128.




Ethernet interface: 5 auto-negotiation 10/ 100 M BaseT ports (4 LAN + 1 WAN), RJ-45;


Telephone port:


    3604A : 2FXC + 2 FXO RJ11;


    3604B : 4 FXS, RJ11;


    3608B : 8FXS , RJ11;


    3608D: 6 FXS + 2 FXO, RJ11;


    36128 Max (FXS + FXO) = 128;/1 E1 port optional, 120/75 Ohm;

    InterPBX-3600 Intelligent type Gateway



Based on 3200 type and addition of router's function;


Support QoS and NAT;


Modules: 3604A, 3604B, 3608B, 3608D, 36128.




Ethernet interface: 2 100 M BaseT ports, RJ-45;


Digital Trunk port:


    2230 : 1 PRI/E1 ,120 Ohm;


    2260 : 2 PRI/E1 120Ohm;


    22120 : 4 PRI/E1 120Ohm.

    InterPBX-3 H.323 Gatekeeper Servers

    Main Feature and Specification


A software system which run on platform of LINUX or UNIX system on hardware platform of server such as IBM. SUN, HP, etc;


Simple Functions of gatekeeper have been integrated into gateways of InterPBX-3, so a independent gatekeeper is need no other than to form a big scale network.


Models :


    InterPBX GK50: H.323 gatekeeper, 50 subscribers concurrence;


    InterPBX GK200: H.323 gatekeeper, 200 subscribers concurrence;


    InterPBX GK500: H.323 gatekeeper, 500 subscribers concurrence;


    InterPBX CMS: Billing management system;


    InterPBX VPN: VPN Server.

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