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  Protocol Converter Series



The ZYTR-OPE1 is used to transport a E1 data stream through a pair of optical fibers.
ZYTR-(F) E1/V.35
Protocol converter: can connect directly to E1 interface of transmission device, v.35 interface enable to access video, Data terminal port or WAN interface of multiplexers, exchangers and routers, so that, it can organize private network (PN) or WAN connection. ZYTR-(F) E1/V.35 can convert E1 timeslot to the V.35 interface totally or partly according to different requests, can transmit over PCM network based on E1.
  Basing on the core of large-scale integrated circuit, ZYTR-OP/V.35 converts V.35 to optical fiber interface. Optional data velocity ranges from 64K to 208k at V.35 interface. Single PCB is used, small and light; reliable and stable working, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
ZYTR-10BaseT/(F) E1
  ZYTR-10/100M-(F) E1 is high-performance Ethernet bridge with intellective self-study function. Because of small size and low cost, it very fit for the field of cheap bridge connection application. And also it can be use as LAN stretcher . It transmits data stream from Ethernet network to another one passing transparent E1 accessing channel (end to end device usage). The interface provides 10/100M self-adaptive and oversize frame transmitting. ZYTR-10/100M-(F) E1 has ability to do timeslot selection.




Just like ZYTR-10BaseT/E1, SVPE is virtually a LAN bridge, but a broader bridge which possesses 4E1 channels for Ethernet bit stream go through.







Bridge converter is one high-performance self-studied Ethernet bridge. As one kind of LAN stretcher, it can transmit from one block of Ethernet Data to another's over optic channel. In addition, this device provides oversize frame transmission, processing function of optional timeslot.







Multi-protocol converter (host) providing the function of multiple and high-capacity protocol converting, it can extensively applies in the multi-services network configuration and offers software of information real time monitoring function. The product frame design adopts flexible case modularizing; it is convenient function including functional extend, product update, installation and operation etc. the product provides 16 functional plug-in slots and one monitoring card slot. plug-in card have 10/100M-(F)E1 , (F)E1/V.35, V.35/OP, 10BaseT/OP and OPE1.monitoring mode can select Ethernet or RS232 interface, optional power supply: -48V (DC) or 220V (AC).







optical Fiber transceiver (including ZY-LANCON-M single card and ZY-LANCON-CENTER central host) is designed for the connection between Fiber network and Ethernet under different medium and data rate.




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