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  ZYEQ-120ES is an integrated optical-electrical fiber transmission device based on the VLSI ZYIC-016. It is designed with 120-channel transmission capacity in 4 E1 channel. Two of 4E1 channel can transmit V.35 or 10 Base-T Data by using built-in converters. It is suitable for small capacity switches networks, user ring networks, mobile base stations, private networks, DDN networks, etc.  




E1 G.703 interface remote loop-back testing available.


2 of 4E1 channels can connect interior protocol converters which perform V.35/E1, V.35/FE1, 10BaseT/E1, 10BaseT/Fe1; therefore become V.35 ports or Ethernet ports.


1 service-phone channel.

Power supply: DC-48V or AC 220V, in some extraordinary case, ±24V available too.

Local and remote status alarming.


Local or remote management interface optional.




I S optic port:


    Code pattern: CMI


    Code Rate: 33.79Mb/s


    Transmit Optical Power: LD, >= -10dBm


    Receive Sensitivity: <=-38dBm


    Optic Fiber connector: FC/SC model


4 G.703 ports: BD37 75/120 ohm


1 or 2 V.35 ports (optional) : DB25, 2048KBps or N x 64Kbps ( N=132)


Service Phone port: RJ11.


4 Auxiliary RS232-C non- control Channels, DB9.


Local NM interface: RS-232C DB9; or 10BaseT RJ-45.


1 U Chassis meets standard 19 rack.


Dimension: 483 × 210 × 44.5 ( mm )


Power supply:


    -48Vdc, DC range: -36Vd c ~ - 72Vdc


    Or 220 Vac, AC range: 180V ~ 260V


Extraordinary Case:


    -24Vdc, DC range: -18Vdc ~ - 36Vdc


    +24Vdc, DC range: 18Vdc ~ 36Vdc


Ripple: Vpp <= 200mV


Consumption <= 10W

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