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  ZYEQ-120MS+ is Mini size of ZYEQ-120ES and is also an integrated optical-electrical fiber transmission device based on the VLSI ZYIC-016. It is designed with 120-channel transmission capacity in 4 E1 channel. Two of 4E1 channel can transmit V.35 or 10 Base-T Data by using built-in converters.It is suitable for small capacity switches networks, user ring networks, mobile base stations, private networks, DDN networks, etc.  




Large scale ASIC utilized, low power consumption and high reliability.


Compact physical construction, Desk-top Mini model.


1 of 4E1 channels can connect interior protocol converters which perform V.35/E1 or 10BaseT/E1; therefore become V.35 ports or Ethernet ports.

E1 G.703 interface remote loop-back testing available.

Power supply: DC-48V or AC 220V, in some extraordinary case, ±24V available too.


Local and remote status alarming.




I S optic port:


    Code pattern: CMI


    Code Rate: 33.79Mb/s


    Transmit Optical Power: LD, >= -10dBm


    Receive Sensitivity: <=-38dBm


    Optic Fiber connector: FC/SC model


4 G.703 ports: DB37 75/120 ohm


1 V.35 port optional: N x 64KBps (N= 1….32); DB15.


1 10/100BaseT port optional: RJ45;


Dimension: 175× 243 × 44 ( mm )


Power supply:


    -48Vdc, DC range: -36Vd c ~ - 72Vdc


    Or 220 Vac, AC range: 180V ~ 260V


Extraordinary Case:


    -24Vdc, DC range: -18Vdc ~ - 36Vdc


    +24Vdc, DC range: 18Vdc ~ 36Vdc


Ripple: Vpp <= 200mV


Consumption <= 10W

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